Who We Are

Chelsea may be relatively new to the insurance premium finance arena but its players are seasoned veterans. In just four years, we have pioneered our way to the top by providing outstanding customer service and adapting to the ever-changing insurance market. By investing in the best people and latest technologies we have been able to expand our portfolio to encompass some of the largest insurance agents in the nation.

However, we have remained humble and have stayed true to our original promise, which is to help even the smallest agencies maximize their earning potential. Before an agency grows into a behemoth it usually begins with a small market share. By doing the right thing for its clients and reinvesting into the business, agencies grow and expand. Like most small businesses, Chelsea started that way. And, by following that same approach of doing the right thing we continue to grow.

Unlike others in the industry, we were not born as a spin-off by a large financial institution. That means we were not an afterthought of a corporate board meeting but our entire business model focuses solely on insurance premium financing. We have no other lines of business, so our clients receive 100% of our attention. Although we are independent and relatively young we have some of the deepest resources in the industry, which allows us to stay ahead of the curve.

Today, Chelsea continues to evolve and develop in response to the demands of our agents. We take the time to listen and understand their needs and respond swiftly by innovating new lending options, incentive programs, and contract terms. We invite you to become our partner and an integral piece of history.